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Is it Time to Buy Instead of Rent?

Over the past few years there has been a lot of bad news when it comes to the housing market. With the economic crisis and the real estate tumble many home owners lost their homes to foreclosure and even many more have been under water for the last few years. For these reasons and others, […]

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The Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

When building a new home many people think to ask for energy efficient windows, doors, appliances and furnaces but many times forget to think about the savings they can receive from energy efficient lighting. In the past CFL light bulbs have received a bad image for having harsh lighting and being ugly. This is no […]

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What Makes an Energy Efficient Home?

When talking about energy efficient homes the entire house needs to be viewed as a complete system rather than looking at each component individually. As most people are aware, there are several different factors that go into making a home energy efficient.  Some of the more well known factors are framing construction, insulation type, window […]

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Benefits of the GreenLean Construction Process

The GreenLean Construction process was invented by Haskell Homes. GreenLean builds a stronger, more energy efficient home with less construction waste. Energy efficiency is one of the most important considerations to think about when purchasing or building a new home. Because you are going to be paying for utilities as long as you live in […]

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Energy Efficient Homes, GreenLean Construction, Haskell Homes News, New Homes in Utah
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